Catwoman was a Babygirl too

Growing up I never wanted to be Wonder Woman or Super Girl…I always wanted to be Catwoman.  I never knew why or understood it until years later when I realized how complex her relationship with Batman is and how complex she herself is.

Selena WANTS to be good and wants to live the life that Bruce is willing to give her but her feline half pulls her in another direction.  Catwoman can’t help the naughty nature that dwells inside of her nor the temptations that present themselves.

Then after I meet my first Daddy Dom I realized…Catwoman is a Babygirl and Batman is her Daddy Dom!!!!  You may think that I’m joking but look at their relationship and then think about the DD/bg dynamic.  Daddy’s don’t expect us to be good all the time…in fact they love the minx in us and appreciate the naughty side of us.

The Daddy I seek will understand that it takes a strong man to tame this Kitty and he will know that man is him.  He will understand that sometimes my feline gets me into naughty things but deep down, I am his sweet Babygirl and he will love me all the more.


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