Self Love

Self Love Sunday

Talking to my ex this past week has reminded me of this and it’s something that I REALLY need to work harder at remembering when I find myself questioning my worth.  You see,   despite my physical imperfections and current reconstruction projects my body is undergoing, I’m a good woman. There is no need to worry…… Continue reading Self Love Sunday

DaddyDom/Little's · The Journey

Developing Trust with little things

When you are beginning a new relationship, building trust is important.  When you’re starting a new D/s relationship it is a cornerstone of the foundation (in my humble opinion).  But how do you know when you have developed trust?  How do you know that you really and truly trust this person to care for you…… Continue reading Developing Trust with little things

D/s Dating · Little Dating

Dating Update: Mr. Goodnight

As I mentioned in my previous post, my interactions The Couple caused me to really look at how I viewed a Dom’s need/desire for Poly and how it would affect their other partner.  These new thoughts, caused me to really look at past conversations had by Mr. Goodnight and myself.  In doing so, these thoughts sparked…… Continue reading Dating Update: Mr. Goodnight

D/s Dating · Little Dating

Dating Update: The Couple

Time doesn’t only seem to fly when your having fun….it also happens when you need a minute to process life.  I’ve been trying to do a dating update each month but August was just….well it was just to much to really do much with.  I rolled into Sept and I’m just now getting a chance…… Continue reading Dating Update: The Couple