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Three strikes and out of chances

Sir and I have been building our relationship for the last 8 almost 9 months and I have to be honest and admit that I haven’t always held up my end of our agreement….when I have realized it, I’ve justified it by reminding myself that he forgot or didn’t care so why should I.  We…… Continue reading Three strikes and out of chances

Little Care

Reminders, Rituals, and Bedtime Stories

Tonight, I want to share my feelings and thoughts on bedtime rituals, reminders, and bedtime stories.  Yes, I am a strong and independent professional woman and can do anything I put my mind to.  Here’s the thing, sometimes I get so wound up being that awesome that getting to bed and staying there can be hard…… Continue reading Reminders, Rituals, and Bedtime Stories

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Poly Update # 2

When I started the poly journey with Sir…I never stopped to think about how we would interact in public or how to explain it to others….in my mind, it’s none of their business.  I was secure in U/us and happy to be progressing in our relationship.  Sir visited me at work a few times and…… Continue reading Poly Update # 2